About the book

The inside story of the video game industry from the late 1990s to the present, as told by a veteran who has seen it all; from two-man bsement projects to spectacular multi-million dollar failures. This memoir is a celebration of persistance and optimism, and an important comment about the dymanics between art and money.

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I am gathering a few select reviews of the book on this page

Praise for The Dream Architects

"An entertaining and nuanced look at the human side of digital media."
—Publishers Weekly

"Readers expecting a history of gaming will be pleased to discover this entertaining autobiography....A great storyteller, Polfeldt comes across as truthful and self-effacing...[He] is a dreamer indeed, and gamers are lucky to be invited into his creative worlds."


"He saved Massive, he created The Division, and he became a Ubisoft hero. This book is indeed, a documentary of Massive dream architects in the tumultuous history of the game industry."

— Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding

"A compelling, insider's story of the video game industry and its journey from a suspicious activity for some and a dubious career choice for others in the late 1990s to the multi-billion-dollar celebrated artform and lifestyle we know today. Like a brilliant game that pulls you in and propels you forward, Polfeldt interweaves his personal story of setbacks and triumphs with a backdrop of legendary people and the games they created to define an industry."

― Dr. Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD

"Triple A quality and artistry -- the backbones of the video game industry. David Polfeldt and Massive Entertainment are among the very few who have managed to balance the two, and if either the video games or the artistry were lacking, neither Polfeldt nor Massive Entertainment would have achieved their great successes. Polfeldt's memoir is a guidepost for the industry on how to create both games and art in equal measure."

― Fumito Ueda, award-winning creator of The Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, and ICO

"THE DREAM ARCHITECTS is a fascinating look at Swedish game development and a peek behind the curtain of one of the most interesting video game publishers in the world. Full of colorful characters and political machinations, this memoir is a charming collection of anecdotes that highlight the struggles of balancing artistic endeavors with financial realities -- and what it's like to spend a week eating bugs in the woods."

― Jason Schreier, nationally bestselling author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels

"In the film industry we would call David Polfeldt an auteur. Someone who possesses a as unique vision and also has multi-disciple skills to pull it off. This book showcases clearly David's uncanny ability to do just this. THE DREAM ARCHITECTS is a phenomenal, behind-the-scenes look into the making of today's video games. It both entertains and enlightens in equal measure."

― Jon Landau, COO of Lightstorm Entertainment (Titanic, Avatar)

"THE DREAM ARCHITECTS is an amazing, first-hand account of the incredible highs and terrible lows found in the production trenches of the games industry. David's insights on creative leadership and the magic-making of game development are second to none."

― Martin Walfisz, entrepreneur & investor, founder of Massive Entertainment